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A Tale of Insatiable Latin Lesbian Pussy Lust

Marta entered the room, her pussy still throbbing and swollen from what she had just seen. The Latin girl in the bar was so fucking hot she couldn't believe it. Marta's pussy was so wet now she new she had to change her panties before she went back to the bar. "Fuck it" she said. "I don't need no stinking panties. I'm so fucking horny I need sex now!" So she just took them off and decided to rub her pussy for a while. She could only fantasize that the sexy Latina girl she saw was a lesbian too. In her mind she was one sexy Latina lesbian she desperately wanted. As she was playing with her hot and swollen clit the door opened and the slender Latina she saw in the bar stepped inside. Marta had sex with lesbians before but she liked Latina lesbians the most. Latina sex was always the hottest! Marta didn't know what to do she was so surprised by her entrance. This girl had long brown model grade sexy legs coming out of her very short and very tight blue dress. They went all the way up to make one hell of a nice round tight ass too. She had long straight black hair with large dark eyes and beautiful full lips...

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Latina Lesbian Pussy Lust continued...
This Latina girl lived in the dorms too and must have followed Marta from the bar. Marta didn't even know if this girl was a lesbian but she sure was looking at her seductively and when she saw Marta with her hand still on her shaved wet pussy this beautiful Latina girl's eyes got even larger. She started sliding her hand up her long slender legs until she reached her own pussy. She raised her dress so Marta could see her beautiful wet and shaved pussy too. Marta started rubbing on her own pussy again. Her pussy was so hot and wet now Marta wasn't sure she could keep herself from cumming already. The tall slender Latina girl walked over and introduced herself. "My name is Martina and I'm going to eat your sexy Latina pussy, suck on those big Latina tits and spank that big tight Latina ass of yours because I think you're one juicy Latina lesbian!" she said. Marta was stunned at such a blatant and aggressive announcement of her intentions but some how she was also strangely tantalized at her confidence as Martina knelt down, reached over and began sliding Marta's dress up and over her head. Their she was, totally naked in front of Martina, feeling helpless. Martina immediately stepped between Marta's legs where she was sitting and began caressing Marta's natural huge breasts...
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Latina Lesbian Pussy Lust continued...
She was so calculated in her approach Marta felt almost as if she was being violated. She kept trying to make herself resist, this just wasn't right, but no matter how much she tried to convince herself to reject Martina's forward approach she just felt paralyzed in Martina's grasp. It was as if Martina new full well before she got there that Marta would be powerless to resist her. Martina was a goddess among Latina lesbians, she thought to herself. Martina was now gently caressing Marta's nipples in circles with her hot wet tongue, occasionally sucking them and even nibbling on them. Marta could tell Martina was getting more and more aroused as she was doing this because her hands where beginning to squeeze Marta's tits harder and harder. While she tongued and nibbled on one breast she would squeeze and twist the other nipple between her thumb and index finger gently at first but then more and more firmly until it started to hurt. Her nibbling turned into erotic biting as Martina sucked then bit down on Marta's nipples stretching them outward between her teeth. Marta was breathing quite heavily at this point letting out a slight and drawn out "ouch" mixed with an uncontrollable moan...
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Latina Lesbian Pussy Lust continued...
The pain and tingling went through Marta's body like electricity. She had never felt this aroused in her life. Marta was a large breasted, big boned, full figured girl but with a very firm body.She was in very good shape but because she was a larger girl she never had anyone try to dominated her so thoroughly before. Martina was tall but slender and petite with much smaller breast but very firm and large erect eraser style nipples. She was a Latina lesbian to die for! She was also very confident and obviously experienced. Martina was no amateur at lesbian sex, "that's for sure" Marta thought. Marta was actually a little afraid. She didn't even know this girl and here she was fairly aggressively dominating her. Marta tried to push away a little now that Martina began biting more and more frequently between the sucking and licking. "Where do you think your going!" Martina exclaimed. "I've decided I'm going to have to devour all of you.I had no Idea you would taste so incredibly delicious and I haven't even gotten to that sweet cunt of yours yet." Marta was again stunned! Martina said this with such an intense fervor Marta wasn't sure if she might really try to eat her! But Marta was just as equally aroused by all of this. "This is some nasty ass kinky sex!" she thought to herself...
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Latina Lesbian Pussy Lust continued...
Martina was straddling one of Marta's legs and now began grinding her pussy on Marta's thigh then she raised her right leg so she could climb higher up and began grinding on Marta's now soaking pussy. Marta let out a low scream as her body shivered with what was to be her first of many orgasms to come. She knew this was going to be damn good lesbian sex. Martina now went back to sucking on Marta's nipples and began working her way down Marta's heaving stomach until she reached the top of Marta's shaved and still very wet pussy. Martina hovered just millimeters above Marta's swollen clitoris as she breathed her hot moist breath on her pussy. Marta tried to raise her pussy up towards her, desperately wanting Martina to start eating her pussy as aggressively as she had been doing every thing else but Martina would have none of it. She was in charge. She decided to first go to the soft spots in between Marta's pussy and legs and began nibbling and licking. Then she ever so gently began raking her teeth over Marta's labia then she briefly dipped her tongue into her hot wet vaginal orifice. She then went and did the same to Marta's ass hole which was now wet with Marta's sweet pussy juice. Marta's pussy was literally dripping wet, with pussy juices getting every where...
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Latina Lesbian Pussy Lust continued...
Martina began wiping up Marta's juices with her hand and licking it off her fingers. She did this as if she didn't want to waste any of it...Martina could hold out no longer now. She lunged into Marta's pussy sucking her hard swollen clit and sticking her tongue deep inside her hot wet vagina. She licked all around visibly drinking and swallowing all of Marta's juices and then started sucking on her clit some more. Marta cried out as Martina did this, moaning and screaming as Martina literally devoured her pussy. Marta never had lesbian sex this hot before! Her legs where uncontrollably quivering and shaking from side to side as she kept cumming and cumming over and over and still Martina kept licking, sucking, drinking, devouring Marta's pussy! "Oh my God!" She exclaimed. " G God! I can't stop cumming." "Good", said Martina, "because I'm not done with you yet anyway." Now as Martina licked on Marta's really quite swollen and still very wet pussy, she slipped her fingers deep inside Marta's pussy feeling along the upper wall until she found what she was looking for, Marta's G spot...and there she began caressing...Marta wasn't sure what she was doing. She was feeling something different...similar to the tingling in her clitoris but different...deeper...she thought this might make her pee!...
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Latina Lesbian Pussy Lust continued...
"I...I...don't think you want to do that." she said to Martina. "I know exactly what I want to do." Martina said..."You are my Latina lesbian whore and your pussy belongs to me now so you just shut up and obey me. I'm still hungry and I haven't finished with you yet. I am only getting started." "What on earth does she mean exactly." Marta wondered to herself. Marta wasn't going to argue. She knew she was in Martina's power and this lesbian sex was so incredible it was paralizing her. She felt ashamed but also amazed at how Martina had transformed her into a total slut ass sex slave. She continued to obey as she waited to see what Martina was doing. The sensation continued to build getting stronger and stronger. Again she was being paralyzed with pleasure but much more intensely than before. She thought she really might pee as the sensation strengthened but Martina continued to lick and suck on Marta's pussy as she caressed deep inside her. Marta's hips where now convulsing wildly as the sensation continued to build. It seemed as though Martina wouldn't be able to hold on but she did, in fact she held on like a predator holds on to it's prey! "What was happing!" Marta thought to herself as she convulsed out of control panting wildly!...
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Latina Lesbian Pussy Lust continued...
"It' if...oh...oh my!...oh.." "Ahhhhh!" she cried out loud! Electricity ran up her spine, up through her nipples, out her tail bone and down through her toes as her entire body released...Her torso and legs clinched then relaxed over and over, shaking and quivering uncontrollably...and her pussy..."oh my god!" she cried as streams of clear sticky liquid shot out of her urethra and into Martina's open mouth! Martina was lapping it up furiously, even growling as she savored every drop! This was monsterous lesbian sex and Marta wanted it to never end! "More! Damn it!" She shoved Marta's leg up and slapped her hard on the ass. "I said more!" she said and continued to lap up Marta's pussy juices and feverishly caressing the inside of her pussy trying to milk her for every drop she could get...Marta's body quivered a few more times and then she started to feel drained to the core. Her convulsions slowed, her pussy squirting finally stopped as her body went more and more limp. An overwhelming weariness over took her whole body, her eye lids impossible to keep open. Her body became so relaxed she slipped right out of the lounge chair she had been sitting in the whole time and right on to the floor...
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Latina Lesbian Pussy Lust continued...
There her nude hot and entirely exhausted sexy Latina body lay completely oblivious to the cold red ceramic tiles; now completely unconscious. "Fuck me!" Martina swore to herself. She needed much more hot Latina sex from her. "I'm still hungry for your body and you still have to eat my pussy." She muttered out loud. "I'm not even through with you. Now I'm going to turn you into a total ass slut too and I'm going to make videos and take pictures. You're going to be a movie star. You belong to me, least for a while." Martina chuckled. As slender and petite as Martina was she was pretty strong and quite capable. She managed to hoist the much larger Marta's body up into a fireman's carry and began walking toward the bedroom. This sort of thing had happened before, and no, she was not through with the voluptuous Marta and there would be more lesbian action tonight...oh yes...much, much more...

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